We host monthly coalition calls to celebrate the activity taking place across the coalition. These sessions are an opportunity share recent progress and to answer your questions.

To catch up on events from last year – head to our 2020 page here.

Our next meeting: March 25th, 10am

More details coming soon!

Future coalition meetings

We have a coalition meeting most months, so sign up below to hold the date in your diary:

  • April and May: details coming soon!
  • June 24, 10am: sign up HERE
  • July 29, 10am: sign up HERE

Catch up on previous meetings

February coalition meeting

In our February coalition meeting this month, we discussed the importance of having a human-centric approach to digital – especially when considering your own employees and their learning.

We had brilliant speakers from both Barclays and Microsoft who will be discussed their experiences in this space.

January coalition meeting

FutureDotNow’s first coalition call of 2021 – we heard from NFCE, Skills Forward and saw FutureDotNow’s new Skills Playbook.

We heard from our speakers, NCFE and Skills Forward about what they are doing to support newly-made qualifications for Essential Digital Skills, and how your organisations can get involved and share best practice.

FutureDotNow has also created a Skills Playbook and we were excited to share it with you in this session. If you’d like to know more about the FutureDotNow Playbook, take a look at the dedicated Playbook page here!