This page includes links to all our events in 2020. To find out about out coalition meetings in 2021 – head to our 2021 page here.

December 2020

The December coalition meeting welcomed founding partner Lloyds Banking Group, BetheBusiness, Microsoft and Department for Education.

November 2020

The November coalition meeting focused on our learnings from Covid-19. Accenture, Nominet and Good Things Foundation joined us to share their research on Data Poverty and the Reboot Project, created off the back of DevicesDotNow.

October 2020 – Annual Event

In October we hosted our first Annual Event to celebrate our first year in action. You can catch up on the event here.

July 2020

July’s meeting focussed on digital workforce capabilities and how coalition members can future-proof their organisations for the world of tomorrow, today. PwC led the session alongside the CEO of Institute of Coding.

June 2020

The June coalition meeting focused on the essential digital skills and how those skills can be delivered to your organisation.

May 2020 – Digital Skills Week

May was our first Digital Skills Week. Find out all about it here:

April 2020

Our first virtual coalition meeting was hosted on April 17 and covered a whole host of topics, including the latest from our large employers engagement, an insight into Oliver Wyman’s motivation research and an update on the DevicesDotNow initiative.