DevicesDotNow is providing over 10,000 people in need with devices, connectivity and support

She was locked out and alone

Emma was told to shield during the Covid-19 lockdown due to a health condition, however she was not online.

  • She didn’t have a computer
  • She didn’t have wifi at home
  • She didn’t have the skills to shop online
  • She couldn’t do a video call with her GP and couldn’t access healthcare to manage her illness online.
  • She couldn’t stay in touch with her daughter who was in respite care.

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Since March 2020 many have faced the pandemic whilst excluded from the world online.  For them, there was no online shopping, no GP access, no contact with friends and family through video conferencing, no Netflix or online quizzes.

FutureDotNow heard about Emma and thousands more like her through the Online Centres Network; a network of hyperlocal organisations supporting people to get online and improve their lives through digital. 

With the support of our partners we quickly mobilised an emergency response called DevicesDotNow to get the most vulnerable, including those like Emma who were shielding, online during the crisis.

Over 11,000 people are benefitting with devices, connectivity and support thanks to DevicesDotNow  Getting access to the world online. So they can shop, get critical help and support and connect with others.  

We’ve been able to do that thanks to our brilliant partners, including over 500 community based Online Centres.

Our learning is captured in a six stage process available for all in Reboot; a local peer to peer device donation model.   We hope that local communities will draw on our knowledge to establish local initiatives to distribute new and recycled devices with essential connectivity to those who need help to get online.

Our donors

Huge thank you to all of the organisations who have supported the DevicesDotNow campaign. Due to your generosity we are on track to change over 11,000 lives.