At our December Learn and Solve, we were joined by Stuart Munton, Chief of Delivery for leading digital agency AND Digital, to discuss how they use ‘Communities of Practice’, both in their organisation and with their clients, to foster a culture of learning and accelerate digital skills.

The event was hosted by Paul Fleming, Membership and Community Manager at FutureDotNow, and also included:

  • How the programme developed from a desire to bring people together within the organisation, stimulate learning, and diffuse existing knowledge
  • Practical advice on implementing Communities of Practice: how they might be formed and grouped within an organisation, CoP session styles and techniques
  • How the programme resulted in a free exchange of knowledge and a real synergy between members of the AND Digital workforce.

We host Learn and Solve events because, when it comes to closing the digital skills gap, working together is crucial and collaboration is the key. By learning from each other what works (and what doesn’t) we can find better solutions, faster. None of us can solve this problem alone