Join FutureDotNow and Barclays Digital Eagles at our latest Learn and solve event, to discuss how to address the top 10 digital skills missing from the UK workforce.

Title: Learn and solve with Barclays: Top 10 digital skills gaps

Date: Thursday 21 July

Time: 10-11am

Location: Virtual Zoom event

‘Learn and solve with Barclays: Top 10 digital skills gaps’ is the second in a series of events dedicated to sharing knowledge and solutions from within the FutureDotNow coalition with our members and beyond.

The event will be hosted by Jo Osborne, Learning Solutions Manager at FutureDotNow, and will include:

  • A close look at the top 10 essential digital skills gaps, as identified in our recent report, ‘Unpacking the hidden middle’, and what impact they have on both individuals and their employers.
  • Special guests, Barclays Digital Eagles, who’ll outline their free to access learning content, and together we’ll unpick how you can implement this in your workplace to cover the top 10 digital essential digital skills gaps.
  • The chance to work in small groups, discussing what you’ve heard and how to bring the opportunity to life within your organisation.
  • Q&A and reflection session with the whole group, to consolidate learning and share new ideas.

We host Learn and solve events because, when it comes to closing the digital skills gap, working together is crucial and collaboration is the key. By learning from each other what works (and what doesn’t) we can find better solutions, faster. None of us can solve this problem alone.