Ron Roper, 82, is staying in touch during self-isolation thanks to a free tablet and data plan from the DevicesDotNow scheme.

Ron – who lives by himself – has a medical condition which affects his eyes. As his family live far away, Ron’s age and current social distancing guidelines have meant that he is at risk of becoming socially isolated and being unable to carry out daily tasks like shopping and ordering prescriptions for his condition.

Already known to ACDA Skills Training in his local community in Hillingdon, West London, Ron was identified to receive support from the scheme to help him stay connected with family and community and to continue doing the things that he loves, including helping those around him.

Vick Virdee from ACDA Skills Training says “Before the current pandemic, Ron was an extremely social person. Going out on a weekly basis to do his shopping, picking up his prescriptions, visiting the library to do research or use the PC, helping other vulnerable neighbours with their gardening, basic home repairs and their own shopping. The term ‘Community Champion’ truly refers to Ron. He is always trying to help others in the community and around his local area.”

“With this help from the DevicesDotNow scheme, along with support from ACDA Skills Training, Ron will be able to send and receive emails from friends and neighbours, as well as video call his family and see his grandchildren. He can also do shopping from his home instead of putting himself at risk by going out.

“While Ron is self-isolating this device will keep him busy and in touch and feel connected with the outside world.”

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