FutureDotNow is uniting business to tackle the gap in the digital capability and confidence of the UK workforce.

Established in 2019, FutureDotNow is focused on closing the digital skills gap for working age adults. We’re coordinating industry action to equip the UK labour force with the digital capability and confidence they need to thrive in work and prepare for our digital future.

We help businesses understand that a significant proportion of the workforce do not have the digital basics they need for the workplace, and we’re empowering industry leaders to take action.

Our action-centred coalition of more than 200 leading organisations cuts across all business sectors.

We convene the reach and influence of industry leaders such as Accenture, BT, Good Things Foundation, Lloyds Banking Group, Nominet, PwC and Salesforce who all sit on our Board, along with many others.

Through our members’ employees, customers, and supply chains, we have a reach of millions. Together we can have an exponential impact, closing the UK’s digital skills gap through collaboration and coordinated action.

This mission is fundamental to personal prosperity, business recovery and national productivity.