We believe

in a UK in which everyone has the Essential Digital Skills they need to thrive at work, and prepare for our digital future.

Our goal

is to inspire and enable businesses to provide their workforce with the opportunities they need to get to the digital starting line, benefitting their own prosperity and UK productivity.

The scale of the problem

The Essential Digital Skills gap in the UK workplace is holding us all back. It threatens personal prosperity, and is damaging the UK’s productivity and competitiveness. Millions are in ‘hidden middle‘, without the skills need to thrive today and prepare for our digital future.

adults in the work place


of the workforce

of all working adults

What we do

FutureDotNow is a coalition of industry leaders focused on closing the digital skills gap for working age adults. We’re coordinating industry action to equip people across the UK with the Essential Digital Skills (EDS) they need to thrive in work and prepare for our digital future.

Creating the impetus for change

We help businesses understand that a significant amount of the workforce do not have the digital basics they need for the workplace. We empower industry leaders to take action and drive change. Find out more.

Helping industry make it happen

Our coalition cuts across all UK industry sectors and business size. We help our members develop and share best practice, so every working-age adult can thrive in our increasingly digital world. Find out more.

Building a movement


​We bring together organisations that want to collaborate on digitally upskilling working age adults. Our members’ employees, customers and supply chains give us a reach of millions. Hear from some of our members.

Our membership represents millions