the UK faces a digital skills crisis

The way we live and work is changing

FutureDotNow is bringing together organisations to motivate people and businesses across the UK to boost their digital skills. We need hundreds of organisations to get involved and drive change.

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leading by example

Boosting the UK’s digital skills

FutureDotNow is a new coalition of leading companies and civil society groups working in collaboration with government to boost the UK’s digital skills.

Our aim is to inspire behavioural change across society that could lead to a genuine cultural shift. We are putting the focus on lifelong learning and developing the digital skills people require for work – helping them identify the skills they need and showing them where to get them.

We want as many organisations to get involved at the start of the FutureDotNow journey – to come together to help us all address the digital skills crisis. The more we have on board, the better our insight and focus will be, helping us to understand the skills gaps and the areas of most need.

And as major employers with significant reach, the six founding partners of FutureDotNow will each lead by example by motivating our own workforces and training them, and by using our brands to inspire our customers to want to build their own skills.

As a coalition, we actively support activities that improve digital skills and promote good practice. Take a look the UK organisations that are prepping people with the digital skills to succeed .now on our digital skills initiative page.