FutureDotNow is a coalition of industry leaders with a common mission: closing the digital skills gap for working age adults.

In the UK, 11.8 million adults (1 in 3 of the workforce¹) still lack the Essential Digital Skills for Work. Our workforce is digitally underpowered.

This skills gap is holding us all back. It threatens personal prosperity, and is damaging the UK’s productivity and competitiveness.

We cannot expect people to catch up and keep up alone. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic leading to many of us doing more online, 36% of adults in work don’t have the digital skills they need. Intervention and action is crucial.

    ¹ Lloyds Bank 2021 Essential Digital Skills Report

    The FutureDotNow coalition

     There’s an Essential Digital Skills crisis in the UK and FutureDotNow has been established by industry to solve it.

    We are a coalition of industry leaders working to ensure that all working age adults have the digital skills they need to benefit their own prosperity and UK productivity. We’re coordinating industry action to equip people with the Essential Digital Skills they need to thrive in work and prepare for our digital future.

    We’re helping businesses understand that a significant proportion of the workforce do not have the digital basics they need for the workplace. And we’re empowering them to take action.

    This mission is fundamental to personal prosperity, business recovery and national productivity.

    Our action-centered community cuts across all industry sectors, helping organisations to develop, share and implement best practice.

    Established in 2019, we are almost 200 members strong. We convene the reach and influence of industry leaders such as Accenture, BT, Good Things Foundation, Lloyds Banking Group, Nominet, PwC and Salesforce who all sit on our Board.

    Through our members’ employees, customers, and supply chains, we have a reach of millions. Together we can have an exponential impact, closing the UK’s digital skills gap through a collaboration and coordinated action.