Our research and reports bring together data on the scale of the digital skills gap, with evidence of the impact it has on individuals and businesses.

They also lay out the difference being made by the FutureDotNow coalition, and lay out clear actions that businesses can take to make a difference.

The UK workforce digital skills gap: Why closing it matters and a roadmap for action

A culmination of what FutureDotNow has learned, seen and done over the last four years, this roadmap details the best next steps for government, business and civil society to ensure everyone has the Essential Digital Skills needed for work.

Essential Digital Skills for Work report

Developed in partnership by FutureDotNow and Lloyds Bank, this report reveals the full scale of basic tech skills gap in the labour force and analysis on what it means for UK industry.

FutureDotNow Regional Guide

The FutureDotNow Regional Guide has been developed with expert partners in both Local and Combined Authorities to support local action on digital capability.

Unpacking the hidden middle

Produced by FutureDotNow in partnership with PwC and Lloyds Banking Group, Unpacking the hidden middle’ provides new analysis on the digital skills of c. 30.3 million working people.

Annual Review 2021-22

While millions are still without Essential Digital Skills for Work, here we look the progress we’re making, FutureDotNow’s key achievements and our plans for the future.

The Hidden Middle Report

The Essential Digital Skills gap is largely viewed as a social issue, but there is a vital business angle. Addressing this is fundamental to business recovery, productivity and prosperity.

Annual Review 2020-21

In our 2021-22 Annual Review, ‘Collective action for a digital world’, we look at post-pandemic data, and present a ‘state of the nation’ for workplace digital skills.

Annual Review 2019-20

After a dramatic first year of ativity, we produced our first Annual Review. It describes the actions and plans of a coalition of major UK organisations aiming to address  the UK digital skills crisis.

Building Digital Motives

We tasked the Oliver Wyman team with finding out what is stopping people from taking advantage of available digital skills training and how we as a coalition can help to motivate them.