Closing the workplace digital skills gap: Analysis of 2023 Essential Digital Skills for Work data

This report, created by FutureDotNow, is a deep dive into the Essential Digital Skills for Work data, first reported Lloyds Bank in the UK Consumer Digital Index 2023 (CDI).

The CDI is an annual report into the financial and digital capability of the nation. It includes data on the levels of Essential Digital Skills for Work across working-age adults in the UK. The latest report was published in November 2023.


In our analysis of the 2023 Essential Digital Skills for Work data, we cover:


  • The key statistics on Essential Digital Skills for Work, and their implications.
  • How the Essential Digital Skills for Work gap is playing out across industry sectors, regions and other key demographics, and what this means for business.
  • How to use these insights to assess and boost your organisation’s digital skills levels.
  • Practical tips and approaches to help you support your workforce to keep up with the pace of change – including how to access FutureDotNow resources, built with our coalition of 230+ leading organisations.