Essential Digital Skills for Work report

This Essential Digital Skills report provides an overview of the specific digital work abilities that the UK labour force lack, as well as an understanding of who and where, to a level of specificity not seen before. 

Developed in partnership by FutureDotNow and Lloyds Bank, the report reveals the full scale of basic tech skills gap in the UK labour force. Almost 60% cannot complete the 20 digital tasks that make up the Essential Digital Skills for Work as defined by industry and government. Worryingly, 3.2m people cannot complete any of these essential workplace digital tasks.

These skills gaps in the working population have huge implications for individuals, business and the UK economy. Equipping everybody with these basic essentials is critical and requires concerted action.

The report brings together broad data with analysis and insight form FutureDotNow, the UK’s leading voice on the digital capability of the nation’s workforce.

The report provides the most detailed view yet of who’s embracing digital and who’s being left behind, breaking down levels of digital confidence by sector, business size, region and more.