FutureDotNow is here to help, including the resources we provide to support your work upskilling your people

These tools will help you understand where you are on your digital upskilling journey and what you can do to move it onto the next stage. They will help to identify digital skills providers who can help you deliver upskilling opportunities in your organisation. 

As a coalition we’re keen to work with both our employee members and digital skills providers, so if you have ideas to make our tools more impactful for our members, please do get in touch.

Resource Bank

Our members’ only Resource Bank is the go-to destination for the latest resources designed to help you build a digitally confident and capable workforce.

Our collection includes reports, event recordings, tools, guides and templates, a carefully curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest industry trends and insights.

As a member’s only asset, you can find a link to the Resource Bank in your welcome email, on our Community Space or by reaching out to a member of the FutureDotNow team.

The Digital Skills Directory

Our directory brings together details of digital skills resources, initiatives and providers across the UK.

It aims to build knowledge and stop duplicated activity by providing details of available training programmes by skill area. It provides a summary of the services offered by digital skill providers in the coalition so it’s easy to know who to talk to.

Here you will find information on digital skills programmes and initiatives that exist in the market, either free  or for a fee, to help you identify the resources best suited to your needs.

The FutureDotNow Playbook

Built by members for members, the FutureDotNow Playbook helps businesses navigate their digital upskilling journey by offering the right guidance for each stage of their work. It shares insight on relevant tools and services and highlights best practice by sharing the experiences of other organisations in our coalition.

The FutureDotNow playbook shows some of the typical experiences businesses go through when digitally upskilling their employees; shares learning from organisations who have taken their first steps; and helps to connect with Digital Skills Providers who can help organisations move to the next level.

Our playbook is a tool for our members. If you’re already a part of our coalition, you can request a copy below. If not, you can join here.