FutureDotNow is here to help and below we have two great resources for you.

The Playbook will help you understand where you are on your digital upskilling journey and what you can do to move it onto the next stage. And the Directory will help to identify digital skills providers who can help you deliver upskilling opportunities in your organisation. Both resources are living documents with the latest insight, information and resource details.

As a coalition we’re keen to work with both our employee members and digital skills providers, so if you have ideas that could help make either of these documents more impactful for our members please do get in touch.

The FutureDotNow Playbook

Built by members for members, the FutureDotNow playbook helps businesses navigate through their digital upskilling journey by offering the right guidance, whatever stage they’re at on their journey. It shares insight on relevant tools and services and helps them discover best practice through sharing the experience of other organisations in our coalition.

We know there are a lot of tools and services on the market in relation to improving digital skills. Our goal is to bring this information into one space, helping employers easily navigate this content and pick what works best for their business.

The FutureDotNow playbook shows some of the typical experiences businesses go through when digitally upskilling their employees; shares learning from organisations who have taken their first steps; and helps to connect with Digital Skills Providers who can help organisations move to the next level.

The Digital Skills Directory

The Directory brings together details of digital skills initiatives and providers across the UK. It aims to build knowledge and stop duplicated activity by providing details of available training programmes by skill area, as well as a summary of the services provided by digital skill providers in the coalition so it’s easy to know who to talk to.