The FutureDotNow coalition brings together organisations that want to work together to accelerate the digital upskilling of their employees, customers and wider community. We help businesses understand the issue, build collective action and drive change.

As a powerful collective brand, FutureDotNow can have an exponentially greater reach, influence and impact. Shared ownership of the digital skills challenge gives us greater insight and maximises the reach and power of our solutions. Through our members’ employees, customers, and supply chains we have a reach of millions; and together we can have an exponential impact on closing the UK’s digital skills gap.

It’s free to join and there are no fees.

Our pledge pack breaks down the benefits of being part of the coalition, as well as what we ask in return.

You’re just a short form away from becoming a coalition member. Your pledge shows you’re committed to making a difference to the the UK’s digital skills gap.

The pledge form takes less than 10 minutes to complete. We ask for essential information so we can accelerate your organisation’s route to membership. Once you’re a member you’ll have further opportunities to tell us more about your organisation and how we can work together. Fill out the fields below to get your membership started.

There are just 3 short parts to the form:

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