We can’t do this without your support. So, why not come and join us? We need hundreds of organisations to sign the pledge to make a difference on a massive scale.

Our pledges and how we will support you

FutureDotNow has been set up by six founding partners with a collective ambition to help the UK stem the digital skills crisis. Each of the six has committed to the following pledges – and are encouraging other organisations to join in and do the same.

Your level of involvement will be up to you and depend on what you want to achieve. From active collaboration and promotion of our aims, to the provision of funding, resources and hosting events. Together we will achieve more.

First Pledge

Pledge 1: Build collective action.

Collaborate and share existing resources and tools, work together to develop new ideas, and attract new partners to tackle the most important digital skills challenges, support change and scale impact. We will be part of something that makes a very real difference to people’s lives and the economy.

Second pledge

Pledge 2: Build our own capability.

Be ambitious about the digital skills of our workforce. We are committed to understanding the areas where we can improve, highlighting the benefits of safe digital use and skills, and providing opportunities for our employees to develop the essential digital skills for life and work.

Third Pledge

Pledge 3: Build capability of others.

Motivate and support others – such as our customers, our contractors, our suppliers, our families and friends, and the communities around us – to recognise the urgent need to improve their own digital skills and those of the people they work with.