Sunil Patel, Partner and Chief Data Officer at PwC UK joins us again to answer some of the burning questions that came out of our last Learn and Solve.

In our last Learn and Solve event, Sunil joined us for a deep dive into their Digital Accelerators programme.

It was an incisive and revealing session that lifted the lid on how a large organisation builds a digital skills programme – from the rationale, through to the delivery and impact.

Those who joined us on the day had some questions for Sunil that we didn’t have time to answer, so he was kind enough to join us for a follow-session a few days later.

The questions Sunil answers in the Q&A include:

  • How did you assess existing skill levels to assess workforce needs?
  • What part of the organisation championed this? e.g. Was it HR or tech led?
  • How did the Accelerators actively shift behaviour across the organisation?
  • How did you make sure the time investment for Accelerators was ring fenced?
  • How did you address any pushback or resistance to the programme?