Join FutureDotNow and Travis Perkins, leading partner to the construction industry and the largest distributor of building materials in the UK, as we discuss the role peer coaching can play in digital upskilling.

Title: Learn and solve with Travis Perkins

Date: Thursday 19 January 2023

Time: 10-11am

Location: Virtual Zoom event

The event will be hosted by Paul Fleming, Membership and Community Manager at FutureDotNow, and will include:

  • Insights from Andy Rayner, Director of LEAP Apprenticeships & Early Careers at Travis Perkins.
  • A collabroative group session, allowing you to share learning with others and discover new methodology you may be able to apply within your own organisation
  • Opportunity for Q&A with Andy and the FutureDotNow team


We host Learn and solve events because, when it comes to closing the digital skills gap, working together is crucial and collaboration is the key. By learning from each other what works (and what doesn’t) we can find better solutions, faster. None of us can solve this problem alone