Roadmap update: The 2024 plan for action and progress so far

This report provides an update on progress against the Digital Skills Roadmap including the plan for action in 2024 and details on the progress made in 2023.

Developed with key partners from across industry, government and civil society, it takes the recommendations in the Digital Skills Roadmap to the next level of detail, laying out priority outcomes for the next 12 months and the activity to achieve them.

No-one has all the answers, but this plan, developed collectively, brings specificity and focus to a complex landscape. Drawing on our combined expertise, efforts, and national reach, we can make progress at pace on this critical issue that is holding back personal prosperity, the economy and productivity.

New: The 2024 delivery plan in action

More than 40 cross-sector organisations are now working together to deliver the 2024 plan first published in the Roadmap Update.

See the latest updates on who’s taking part and the progress they’re making.