Closing the UK workplace digital skills gap: The 2024 delivery plan

During 2024, more than 40 cross-sector partners are working together to deliver specific action to close the workforce digital skills gap.

Following the launch of  the Digital Skills Roadmap in July 2023, FutureDotNow worked with partners in industry, government and civil society to develop the 2024 delivery plan to close the workforce digital skills gap, first launched in the Roadmap Update in January 2024.

The plan takes the recommendations made in the roadmap to the next level of detail. Across three action areas and seven workstreams, it sets out specific and measurable goals for 2024, to be delivered across three sprints of activity.

The delivery plan and these workstreams are now in progress, with organisations from across industry, government and civil society working together to close the workforce digital skills gap.

If you’d like to get involved in any of the workstreams or action areas, please reach out at

The delivery plan action areas:


Developing a shared national strategy to upskill millions of working age adults with Essential Digital Skills for Work.

Action areas:
1. Shared statement of ambition
2. Future-fit work skills framework
3. Economic impact assessment of the workplace digital skills gap
4. Workforce digital skills recognised as a method of delivering social impact

Employer Action

Ensuring all employers have the insight and tools required to understand the digital skills gap and upskill the workforce.

Action areas:

5. Help organisations understand digital skills levels in their workforce
6. Help organisations train the workforce in Essential Digital Skills


Understanding the cultural factors and motivational drivers for improving the digital skills of individuals and the workforce as a whole.

Action area:
7. Motives and culture project scoping

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