Spotlight: Lloyds Bank Academy & Multiverse

Lloyds Bank Academy partnered with a tech-start up Multiverse to help their apprentices discover tools and develop the digital skills they need to thrive both in and outside of the workplace. Here they tell us more about results of their partnership.

1. What we were trying to achieve

Multiverse is a tech-start up that aims to create a diverse group of future leaders by building an alternative to university and corporate training through the provision of professional apprenticeships. In 2021, Lloyds Bank Academy partnered with Multiverse to help their members discover tools and develop the digital skills they need to thrive both in and outside of the workplace.

2. How we provided support

Training was provided through a series of expert-led interactive online sessions to c.100 Multiverse apprentices. As with all Academy learning, the training provided was completely free. Each 60-90 min session was delivered over Zoom and was designed to help learners accomplish their work-related goals, covering topics such as:

  • ‘Developing the right skills for your future’
  • ‘Taking the next steps in your career’
  • ‘Telling your story in an online world’

3. How it went and feedback from the sessions

All three sessions were received really well with ‘Taking the next steps in your career’ being a real crowd favourite!

“The Lloyds Bank Academy workshops support us at Multiverse because they contain practical and actionable life hacks and provide resources that set our apprentices on a journey of professional and sometimes personal discovery.” – Multiverse

4. Learnings

Considering an onward journey is key!

We recognise that everyone learns in different ways and therefore alongside our online webinar training sessions, we provide on-demand learning via our website that users can access to recap and build on what they learned. This enables us to provide ongoing support beyond a standalone session and lets us be by the side of users whenever they need.

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