The Essential Digital Skills Framework reflects the range of skills people need to safely benefit from, participate in and contribute to the digital world of today and tomorrow, in life and at work.    

The Essential Digital Skills Framework outlines five key skills and provides examples of tasks that people should be able to complete to demonstrate each skill. Each skill has a distinct focus, but the fifth skill – being safe, legal and confident online – is also embedded across the other four.

  1. Communicating 
  2. Handling Information and content 
  3. Transacting 
  4. Problem solving 
  5. Being safe and legal online


The EDS is a progressive framework, starting with Foundation skills which are typically required by those not currently using digital technology or using it in limited ways.

Building upon the Foundation skills, the framework outlines the Essential Digital Skills for Life across each of the five key skills. This is followed by a final build to include the Essential Digital Skills for Work, again across each the five key skills.

Examples of the Foundation, Life and Work skills:

For a detailed breakdown of each skill area, download the FutureDotNow Essential Digital Skills pdf: