FutureDotNow Playbook to help tackle the UK’s workplace digital skills crisis 

FutureDotNow unveiled the beta version of its new Digital Skills Playbook at its January coalition meeting, the first of 2021. The playbook provides access to templates, resources, data, tools, services and case studies, playing a key part in the FutureDotNow offer, which is to help organisations with their digital upskilling journey, making it easier to know where to start, what questions to ask, what relevant tools exist in the market and who else they could speak to for advice.

Now that the beta version is contributing to upskilling the UK’s digital skills in the workplace, FutureDotNow will build in further content over the coming months with wider input.

The launch of the playbook is a further example of the power of a coalition working together, it is is a product of FutureDotNow member collaboration, including Accenture, Asda, Barclays, Good Things Foundation, Nationwide, Tech Talent Charter, UpSkill Digital and Zoe Amar Digital.

The playbook was well received by employers and digital skills training experts, who will now begin to use the playbook as well as provide feedback and ideas for additions. We’re still looking for more employers to use the playbook, provide feedback, use the tools, services and resources and help build case studies.

Participation in building the playbook further and using it is entirely free. We look forward to hearing from you!

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