As we prepare for the Christmas break and start to plan for the year ahead, the FutureDotNow team is also in a reflective mood. We’ve been looking back at some of the milestones of 2021, thinking about our own achievements and those of our coalition. We thought we’d share with you some of our highlights from the last 12 months… 

“Highlights?  Where to start!  There have been so many brilliant moments this year.  The coalition has gone from strength to strength, growing more than 50% in the year and every time I speak with a member organisation I learn so much.  If forced to pick one though, I’d have to say the Hidden Middle report.  Because it helped change the conversation and land the essential digital skills gap as a business issue that people immediately understood.  And because of all the brilliant action that’s come off the back of it.  Lots more to do in 2022 but feels like this coalition is on a roll…”

Liz Williams MBE, CEO

Salesforce joining our Board was an exciting moment this year – not only did this give us greater financial stability but a huge confidence boost – seeing another major player in UK industry voting with their feet and getting behind the mission in very real terms has injected additional credibility to our brand, insight to our approach and pace to our plan. Salesforce are now playing a leading role in our Lighthouse programme – working with Network Rail and Barclays to upskill front-line teams.  The other highlight for me was becoming a fully-fledged member of the team – building on 15 years in industry & consulting, it is a joy to work in a small, agile, purpose-led team. I learn every day from these wonderful people – and they are a constant source of sunshine, fun and friendship.

Holly Chate, COO

“Speaking with so many of our coalition members across the year has been my highlight. It was great to hear the action members are taking, the value that the hidden middle report, Playbook and Directory are adding. It’s also given me the opportunity to hear valuable feedback on the steps we can take to build our service offer for members. We are looking to grow this community so keep the feedback coming and I look forward to working with everyone in 2022”

Paul Fleming, Partnerships Manager

“My high point of this year has to be when I joined the team back in the Autumn. Coming on board initially to work on our Annual Review, ‘Collective action for a digital world’, I quickly saw just how dedicated an impressive this small team is, massively punching above its weight. It was an honour to be able to jump on board and help articulate the vital role the organisation and coalition are playing in making sure everyone has the digital skills they need.”

Chris Andersson, Communications and Campaigns Manager

“My personal highlight of the year was seeing the reception of the work FutureDotNow does. As part of both the Partnerships and Communications, I was able to see first-hand the impact The Hidden Middle Report and the FutureDotNow Playbook have had. To see the coalition members reference them and use them in their organisations made me proud of being a part of this small team that inspires and facilitates big changes in how business see digital upskilling.”

Marta Bronowicka, Partnerships and Communications Intern

Watching the FutureDotNow coalition grow over the past year has been my personal highlight. Seeing more and more organisations understanding and recognising the importance of Essential Digital Skills, stepping up and making the pledge to do something about it makes me proud to be part of FutureDotNow. I can’t wait to see what the coalition will achieve together over the next year.” 

Amy Grisdale, Programme Manager

“Starting in the team just a few weeks ago I am blown away with the impact the team is having in moving the digital skills forward in all industry sectors.  It’s given me real insight into the different views and barriers in digital upskilling.  Its dedication in listening to our coalition members on what they require to assist them with their journey, the value of the hidden middle report and also the playbook and directory.  It’s a privilege to be part of the campaign that works to set out the importance of upskilling and reskilling our workforces to ensure a fair and vibrant society for all.”

Prerana Chhaya, Project Delivery Manager

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