The FutureDotNow coalition brings together organisations that want to work together to accelerate the digital upskilling of their employees, customers and wider community.

We help businesses understand the issue, build collective action and drive change.

As a powerful collective brand, FutureDotNow can have an exponentially greater reach, influence and impact. Shared ownership of the digital skills challenge gives us greater insight and maximises the reach and power of solutions. Through our members’ employees, customers, and supply chains we have a reach of millions; and together we can have an exponential impact on closing the UK’s digital skills gap.

It’s free to join and there are no fees. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits that being part of the coalition brings, as well as what we ask in return.

Membership benefits

1. Making the case

You’ll get access to information, resources and data that will help you:

  • define the digital skills issue, the challenges it presents for your business, and what can be done to address them
  • bring the digital skills crisis to life, informing sector-specific business cases
  • engage senior leaders and advocate for action internally 
2. Learning from others

As part of a coalition of businesses at different stages of their digital upskilling journey, you will:

  • hear regularly from organisations that are leading the way on the issue, as they share insights and showcase best-in-class programmes
  • have the opportunity to connect with other members, across sectors and within your own, so you can learn from others on the same journey
  • gain access to current research and thinking on digital upskilling from member experts such as Lloyds Banking Group, Microsoft and more.
3. Building your programme

Through our shared expertise on the digital skills crisis facing industry, you will gain access to:

  • tools and approaches for each step of your digital skills journey, from identifying your starting point to scaling and measuring impact
  • opportunities to co-create new solutions with other members
  • help to scale initiatives at speed, adopting tried and tested methodologies

The pledge

We want every member of the coalition to believe in the vital importance of accelerating the UK’s digital skills. We want you to be part of an action-centered community that’s developing, sharing and implementing best practice to get working-age adults across the UK ready to thrive in our increasingly digital world. We believe that by taking positive collective action to equip people with the Essential Digital Skills, we can create a thriving, economically prosperous digital society.

To help us do so, every organisation in the FutureDotNow community make four commitments:

Empower your workforce
  • Be ambitious about the digital skills of your workforce
  • Commit to understanding your baseline and the priority skill gaps
  • Identify opportunities to upskill your workforce at scale
  • Deliver digital upskilling programs and share your progress with us
Build the capability of others
  • Work with us and other members to develop new ways to engage, motivate and upskill your wider network – such as customers, contractors, suppliers and the community around you.
Collaborate and share
  • Take time to understand the digital skills issue and why it is relevant to your organisation
  • Work with us and other members to develop new ideas to tackle the most important digital skills challenges
  • Share knowledge, experience, resources and tools so together, we can accelerate change and scale impact
Be active in the movement
  • Elevate digital upskilling so it’s recognised as a business priority
  • Use your platform to profile the issue, showcase your action and demonstrate your leadership in the area